About Lake Wisconsin

No other lake in southern Wisconsin offers the year round enjoyment that Lake Wisconsin offers.  Located just 30 minutes from Madison or Wisconsin Dells and less than 3 hours from Chicago, you will not find a better location.

Lake Wisconsin offers 10,000 acres of water and over 52 miles of shoreline to explore.  Very few lakes have the character that Lake Wisconsin has.  You will find areas with large new homes, areas with classic Wisconsin cottages and areas with modest single family residences.  The shoreline is also very unique with some areas being very level to the water and others that are located on elevated frontage.  From the main lake, you can head east on the Wisconsin River and boat up to some of the most beautiful sandbars around.  Take your grill, beach towel, cooler and water toys and spend the day.  Others find Lake Wisconsin Country Club on the south end of the lake to be the best place to spend their day.

Fishing on Lake Wisconsin is exceptional!

One huge asset to the lake is that there are no “seasons” like most inland lakes in Wisconsin.  The only specie that has a regulated season is Lake Sturgeon.  Every other specie is open year round.  Anglers will find an abundant amount of walleye, northern pike, muskie, crappie, bluegill, perch, largemouth bass & smallmouth bass.  The lake offers many bays with varying levels of structure and depths that hold many large fish.  Many of the bays are in the 5’ – 7’ depth range so they warm up very quickly in the spring.  This is where you will find the elusive crappie hanging out.  It is not uncommon to catch numerous crappie in the 12” to 15” range.  Walleye’s are another sought after specie on Lake Wisconsin and most angler’s go home happy.  This is the ideal lake for anybody looking to fill their livewell and have fun doing it.

After a hard day playing in the water or filling your livewell, you are probably looking for a place to enjoy a nice meal and a few beverages.  There are 12 restaurants on the lake that you can either get to in your boat or your vehicle.  Is there anything better than a sunset boat ride after a day on the water and a great Wisconsin Fish Fry?

There is not a finer, all inclusive body of water than Lake Wisconsin!  Take a few minutes and search all the properties that fit your search criteria.  We would be happy to spend the day with you and show you everything Lake Wisconsin has to offer.  You will not be disappointed!