Lake Wisconsin Fishing Report – Mid to Late June 2014

walleye 6_3Fishing on Lake Wisconsin continues to be very good over the past two weeks. Walleyes and saugers have transitioned fully into summer patterns and while overall numbers aren’t quite as good yet as June 2013, the size of some of the walleyes we’re catching is impressive. On most ½ day guided trips, we’ve been getting anywhere from two to five slot fish (20”to 28”) including a good number of fish ranging from 4lbs to 9lbs. Last year it was fun to boat 50-60 walleyes and saugers on a full day trip, but I’ll take quality over quantity any day and since June 14, the big fish bite has really taken off.

In the month of June on Lake Wisconsin, we typically employ three distinct presentations to put fish in the boat, and sometimes we’ll blend the first two options to entice a few extra fish.

  1. Trolling shad imitating crank baits behind planer boards or long lines in 7’-10’ on mud flats
  2.  Trolling crank baits and stick baits on lead core lines in 12’-16’ along channel edges
  3. Pulling Slow Death rigs on bottom bouncers in 12’-16’ along channel edges.

The common theme is trolling, and that is because walleyes and saugers are fairly well dispersed throughout the lake. When fish are spread out, trolling is an efficient way of covering water and contacting the most fish possible in a given amount of time. When the bite is not very aggressive, slowing down and pulling Slow Death rigs still covers water, but at a slower pace. Big fish will eat a Slow Death Rig too, and this technique was responsible for two 6lb walleyes and a jumbo 9lb walleye last weekend. Pay attention and experiment with bead color as this can dramatically affect the fish’s response on some days. Chartreuse beads have been very good overall but sometimes an orange, blue, gold or silver bead can make a big difference. Occasionally we’ll run two beads of contrasting colors.  Other techniques such as jigging or even casting baits to specific structures are absolutely valid and will certainly work, but don’t expect to consistently contact the same number of fish as you would in a trolling presentation.

Tight lines,

Gary Sanders

Lake Wisconsin Walleyes, LLC

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