Lake Wisconsin Fishing Report 7/23/13

Lake-WI-walleye-300x225Fishing on Lake Wisconsin for walleyes and saugers is still quite good. Trolling with crank baits with either planer boards, long-lining or lead core line, as well as pulling slow death rigs on break lines or in deeper holes by a break-line, continue to be the most consistent methods for numbers of fish.

We are still keying on the same areas as last month – the 8’ to 10’ flats and 12’ to 16’ break lines, but there are some significant changes occurring that are worthy of note as they will likely impact the fishing;

  1. Water temps have jumped up significantly in the last two weeks. We are seeing 80 degree + surface temps.
  2. The algae bloom is well underway.
  3. The flow rate in the Wisconsin River has finally dropped significantly
  4. We are starting to see some evidence of Mayfly hatches.

If you consider these four items together along with the calendar period, it tells me that it is likely that another pattern is developing. The pattern I’m referring to is fishing for suspended walleyes. With the slower flow of current, the algae bloomFishing-Lake-WI-300x225 and some bug hatches occurring, we should start to mark fish suspended over deeper water (in 15’-25’ generally). These fish are most easily targeted during the week when there is less boat traffic by the trolling applications mentioned above. Slowly cruising in the main channel while watching your locator for good sized banana shaped “hooks” on your screen. Note the depth these are at, and set your gear to run baits both at the same level, and slightly above these fish. Berkley Flicker Shads, Rapala jointed Shad Raps and Storm Smash Shads in firetiger and chrome/blue patterns should work, along with other baits as well. Make plenty of turns to speed up and slow down baits to determine the best speed.

Tight lines,

Gary Sanders

Lake Wisconsin Walleyes, LLC

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