Lake Wisconsin Fishing Report 10/4/12

As summer on Lake Wisconsin and the Wisconsin River comes to a close, we look forward to fall fishing. In between, there is a period of transition, where the days are getting shorter, nights cooler, and the average daytime temperatures are lower. This September’s trend of steadily declining water temperatures to the mid 50’s came to an abrupt halt with the recent warm spell.  This time of year, one hopes that water temps fall quickly, bottom out and stay cool, as that accomplishes both the triggering of the urge to feed in anticipation of winter, as well as to provide some stability in their environment. Stability leads to patterns that can be discovered, learned and repeated. Nature seldom cooperates however, and we deal with what we get.

The full moon definitely helped for the last weekend in September on Lake Wisconsin. Several patterns have been effective depending on what day you fished recently, and being versatile is key. I have had some success recently, vertical jigging with a Northland Fireball jig & minnow on the channel edges. The most fish, were found right on the break from the 13′ flats to the 20′ river channel with 17′-18′ being the best depth. Additionally, some legal saugers were caught pulling Storm Thundersticks behind 4 colors of lead core. Work baits up and down the break and note what depth contact is made. Mid-lake humps topping out at 10′-13′ also held many white bass that readily take a jig & minnow combo or a Lindy rigged minnow.

With September 2012 behind us we look forward to October. As the fall progresses, note that calm, sunny days this time of year often trigger movement to shallower water of 10′ or less. Keep in mind that “shallow” is a relative term and “water of 10′ or less” can also refer to the top 10′ of the water column over deep water.

Gary Sanders
Lake Wisconsin Walleyes, LLC

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